Postdoctoral researcher – UK FELIX beam-line scientist, Radboud University, Nijmegen NL

We are looking for a beam-line scientist to work at a THz laser spectroscopy facility. You will interact with a diverse team of visiting scientists from the UK, with an exciting programme of semiconductor physics research. There will be opportunities to develop your own interests. Please see the details here:MRF post job ad.

Post Doctoral Research Associate in THz properties of single dopant devices in silicon (application closed)

The full job description can be found here: Surrey ADDRFSS dilfridge PDRA job description addendum v2

To apply please click here

or send your CV to the Project Manager, Dr. Juerong Li (

Fully funded PhD studentship in Terahertz light imaging (application closed)

Surrey University and the National Physical Laboratory have an EPSRC-funded Industrial CASE Studentship, available for start in Oct 2017.

We are developing techniques to position single donor atoms in silicon crystals with atomically precise location, and now we need to develop new techniques to image what we have made. The donor impurities are of major international interest for Quantum Technology, since each donor atom carries a single valence electron that can be imprinted with quantum information and used as a qubit. The challenge is that the atoms must be very cold and the signature transitions are far out in the infrared where imaging is not well developed. You will help to develop a new microscope and use it to image single donor atoms, within a £multi-million collaboration aiming to develop silicon quantum computer logic gates.

Normal EPSRC studentship eligibility requirements apply, i.e. you must be a UK citizen or UK resident to receive full funding. For further information, please contact Prof Ben Murdin: b.murdin (at) or Dr. Juerong Li: Closing date 1st June 2017.

Applications will be welcomed at any time. Offers can be made before the advertising deadline.