Surrey Ion Beam Centre


The Surrey Ion Beam Centre offers a wide range of implantation and ion beam analysis facilities to the UK academic and industrial communities. The IBC allows users to undertake an extensive variety of research using ion implantation, ion beam analysis (IBA) and microbeam analysis. The IBC also has extensive processing and characterization facilities that can be made available to users.

Ion implantation facilities include:

  • 2MV High Energy Implanter
  • 200kV High Current implanter
  • Implantation 2 keV to 4 MeV
  • Sample sizes mm2to 40cm x 40cm
  • Hot (1000°C) or cold (~LN) implants
  • In situ measurements can be made
  • Sample Chambers in clean room (class 100)
  • Up to 10mA beam currents available


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