n3m Microwave Lab

N3M-Labs (Nonlinear Microwave Measurement and Modelling Laboratory) is a joint laboratory between the University of Surrey and NPL (National Physical Laboratory). The N3M-labs are state of the art facilities completing research into nano-electronics and semiconductors combined with electromagnetic measurement science & metrology.

Facilities and capabilities include:
– On-wafer / fixtured high-power active harmonic loadpull
– Non-Linear Vector Network Analyser (up to 67 GHz)
– Temperature controlled on-wafer probe station (-40 to 200 °C)
– High-resolution thermal imaging (spatial and temporal)
– Near-field Electromagnetic Scanner (sub-10 resolution μm, up to 40GHz)
– Anechoic chambers
– On-wafer probing to 220 GHz
– Submillimeter-wave measurements to 750 GHz
– Printed Circuit Board (PCB) probe station
– UK primary national measurement standards
– Full compliment of RF, electromagnetic, thermal, circuit and system-level software.
– Compute cluster: 1064 cores, 5.5 TB RAM, GPUs…

More information can be found here.

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