Science winter camp-Jan 2017

We developed a 10-day Winter Camp with approx 50% scientific activity. These science activities was almost entirely based on ADDRFSS-project-related topics of light, magnets, computer chips, lithography, atoms and even quantum technology. Attendees were 4 children (age 10-13 i.e. years 5-13), including a girl, and 7 parents from China. In the survey after the event for feedback given at the end of the Winter Camp was very positive: they were very impressed by our research projects and the university facilities. 100% of them said would like to study in the University of Surrey for themselves or their children (one of the parents is thinking to apply for a MSc degree herself). The survey at the start of the Winter Camp showed that no one had heard about us before. One of the children mentioned in the survey that wish could join in more of the experiments we do. After they have gone back to China, one of the children organized a book club to read one of Jim Al-Khalili’s books-QUANTUM, A GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED, which was a present from our group member, Dr. Juerong Li. The little girl gave a presentation about her experience in Surrey and concluded that she would like to become a physicist in the future. We regard this as very successful for the first run, and we expect this will be repeated in future years and growing.