Prof Ben Murdin

Tel: +44 (0)1483 68 9328

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Prof Ben Murdin is the Principal Investigator on COMPASSS and has primary responsibility for THz optics experiments at FELIX under Project 4

Ben is Associate Dean (Research) at Surrey, and chairs the Research Committee of one of the best engineering Faculties in the country as judged by the 2008 RAE. A past Marie Curie Fellow, he has been using FELs since 1993. He is the spokesman for EPSRC funded work at FELIX – he manages all UK solid state physics programmes there, equivalent to ~20-25% of all FELIX beam time, and is responsible for the EPSRC mid-sized facilities access contract (~€280 p.a.) and its successful renewal since 2003. The team is also the most established in the UK for exploitation of infrared FELs and using the Dutch FEL facility (FELIX) for THz time-resolved techniques. He is a Programme Advisory Committee member for the FEL in Dresden (FELBE), and chaired the Int. Conf. on Narrow Gap Semiconductors (Guildford 07).