Welcome to the homepage of the ADDRFSS

ADDRFSS stands for Atomically Deterministic Doping and Readout For Semiconductor Solotronics. It is a consortium of researchers from the University of Surrey, University College London, Radboud University of Nijmegen, and their collaborators. The aims of the consortium are to develop new scientific insights and devices based on controlled doping of silicon by single atom placement.


A image from our Nature publication demonstrating coherent control of donor impurity states.


Projects currently active in the ADDRFSS team:


(Atomically Deterministic Doping and Readout For Semiconductor Solotronics)

An EPSRC Programme Grant project, aiming to: improve the manufacturability of deterministic doping devices and scale them up; develop completely a new understanding of the physical properties of single atoms and lattices constructed from them; and to build devices based on this new understanding. See the Projects page for more details.



(Single Ion Multispecies Positioning at Low Energy)

Joint with the Surrey Ion Beam Centre (Prof Roger Webb and Dr David Cox), Manchester (Prof Richard Curry, the PI) and many others. An EPSRC Quantum Technology Capital Equipment grant aiming to develop new focussed ion beams with very low beam current and detection of the secondary electrons produced with a single ion impact. The tool will be able to implant a range of species (Bi, P, Se etc) with ~10nm resolution and 95% single atom success. The COMPASSS team is responsible for development of a cryogenic THz Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (SNOM) for imaging the buried impurities after annealing treatment.


3. Delivering Quantum Technologies

(A Centre for Doctoral Training at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL)

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